This model represents the evolution of the classical central post umbrella. Elegant, light, handy, easy to maintain but the safest if exposed to wind conditions. Made of selected quality and highly tested materials, ensuring their reliability in time.
The attention to details, its stylized line, the variety of colors, the numerous custom made and offered solutions satisfy even the most demanding customers.
Its sturdiness, makes the item also suitable for all situations and places where wind can be dangerous and/or a problem for traditional umbrellas: terraces, pools, gardens, beaches and other areas where this kind of umbrellas could be needed.

Technical details

  • Hexagonal umbrella with central pole available in sizes Ø 320 Cm and Ø 400 Cm
  • Aluminum central pole Ø 50 mm anodized or painted
  • Aluminum ribs mm 30 x 15 anodized or painted, with internal reinforcement in stainless steel
  • Cover fabric 100% acrylic fiber Olefin 250 Gr/Mq
  • Pulley opening and closing system
  • Square removable carbon steel base Cm 90 x 90 x 20 with galvanized and painted carter to place on top of the weight granite blocks in a variety of colors (not included )
  • Shadow area: Mod. Ø 320 = 6.7 mq / Mod. Ø 400 = 10.4 mq
  • Weight: Mod. Ø 320 = Kg 19.5 / Mod. Ø 400 = Kg 21
  • Ballast required and recommended for reliable stability: Mod. Ø 320 = 190 kg / Mod. Ø 400 = 250 kg
  • Wind resistant and safe stability umbrella for wind up to 80 Km/h if the recommended base weight of 190 Kg for Ø 320 umbrella and 250 Kg for Ø 400 cm umbrella are respected


Boreas Ø 320 e Boreas Ø 400


  • Boreas pillow for square base Cm 60 x 60 with choice colors
  • PVC bags for the containment of sand as ballast
  • Ballast with concrete blocks Cm 40 x 40 or Cm 50 x 50
  • Ashtray integrated
  • Protection cover in polyethylene
  • Tissues

    Olefin 250gr/mq fabric available in the following colors:


    Square base cm 90 x 90 x 20 with its cover casing for accommodation of the ballast required (not supplied).


    Square base Cm 60 x 60 x 52 with its cover casing for accommodation of the ballast required (not supplied). The base is suitable for use with tiles 50 x 50 Cm like ballast or PVC bags for the containment of sand. This base can be used as a seat thanks to the robust crankcase and to the comfortable pillow with which you can match.

    Plate for fixing to the ground Cm 25 x 25 x 0.8 with holes for anchoring to the ground with threaded rods.

    Aluminum pole, anodized or painted, Ø 50 mm, with the locking tabs for unthreading from the ground.

    Ground pole

    Materials and finishes

    The supporting structure can be realized in the following materials:




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