An innovative and elegant design, light, handy and above all these characteristics, safe, because it can resists without any problem wind speeds up to 80 Km/h with gusts or steady wind.
It is ideal at assuring security in all outdoor environment solutions like terraces, pools and particularly in such areas where there is an opened umbrella exposed to wind situations, as this may lead to a risk. Our windshield patented system has been proven even in the most exposed places and works perfectly thus ensuring the safety of people and things.
Through time it guarantees the cost of the initial investment offering a wide variety of frame finishes and fabric colors choices for covers. It may be completed by elegant bases with innovative, sophisticated and extremely practical design.

Technical details

  • Aluminum Ø 40 mm (anodized or painted) center pole hexagonal umbrella
  • Aluminum center pole Ø 40 mm anodized or painted
  • Aluminum ribs in 20 x 15 mm, anodized or painted
  • Fabric cover 100% acrylic fiber Olefin 250 Gr/Mq
  • Opening / closing system with manual height adjustment of the closure
  • Shadow area: Mod. Ø 220 = 3,3 mq / Mod. Ø 275 = 5,2 mq
  • Weight: Mod. Ø 220 = Kg 4,2 / Mod. Ø 275 = Kg 5
  • Ballast required and recommended for a secure stability: minimum Kg 95
  • Wind resistant and safe stability umbrella for wind up to 80 Km/h if the recommended base weight of minimum 95 Kg is respected.



  • Stainless steel central pole, brushed finish
  • Central pole and ribs with a choice of colors
  • Stainless steel base, brushed finish
  • Removable base, square or hexagonal, galvanized and painted steel with colors of your choice
  • Square or hexagonal carter, galvanized and painted steel for the cover of the ballast, with colors of your choice
  • GHILBI cushions for hexagonal or square base in different colors wide range of color availability.
  • PVC bags to be filled with sand to use as loading
  • Ballast with perforated cement tiles, specific to Ghibli, Cm 50 x 50
  • Integrated ashtray
  • Protection cover in polyethylene


100% Acrylic fiber fabric in Olefin 250gr/mq available in the following colors:



Bases for accommodating of the ballast necessary through the special bags for filling with sand; they can be disassembled and assembled easily. Available same color as the structure of the umbrella.

Base standard con carter quadrato 53 x 53 x 35 Cm

Standard base with square cover 53 x 53 x 35 Cm

Base con carter esagonale 56 x 65 x 35 Cm

Base with hexagonal cover 56 x 65 x 35 Cm


Base for housing the ballast with perforated tiles TEKNOWIND model. The use of these tiles allows to reduce the total height of the cover (20 Cm).

Piastrelle forate Ghibli    Carter pressopiegato altezza 20 Cm

Perforated Ghibli tiles Press bent carter height 20 Cm


Plate for fixing to the ground Cm 25 x 25 x 0,8 with holes for anchoring to the ground with threaded rods.

Piastra per fissaggio a terra

Plate for fixing to the ground

Anodized or painted aluminum pole, Ø 40 mm, with the locking tabs for unthreading from the ground.

Palo a terra

Ground pole

Materials and finishes

The supporting structure can be realized in the following materials:




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