The MISTRAL side post umbrella is the ideal professional product to give shadow in a safe way to any environment and particularly if these are exposed to wind situations: patios, swimming pools, gardens, bars, restaurants and other places where you have these special needs.
Its strong steel frame and the patented windproof system, allow you to use it with total safety also with wind -bursts or constant- until 70 Km/h. The 360 ° rotation for easy activation, elegant design and innovative solutions combined with quality materials and the refinement of the finishes makes the product unique.
There are many colors available for the fabric and for the structure and the client can customize his umbrella MISTRAL suit your needs and then make an object unique design, safe and of high quality.

Technical details

  • Hexagonal side post umbrella available in sizes Ø 320 Cm and Ø 400 Cm
  • Structure, base and cantilever pole in galvanized and painted steel available in different color choices
  • Upper arm in galvanized and painted steel with colors of your choice
  • Aluminum ribs mm 30 x 15 anodized or painted
  • Crank opening and closing system
  • 360° rotation with safety handles for quick fastening and releasing
  • Fabric cover 100% acrylic fiber Olefin 250 Gr/Mq
  • Carter protection ballast galvanized and painted steel with colors of your choice
  • Shadow area: Mod. Ø 320 = 6.7 mq / Mod. Ø 400 = 10.4 mq
  • Weight: Mod. Ø 320 = Kg 90 / Mod. Ø 400 = Kg 100
  • Ballast required and recommended for a secure stability: Mod. Ø 320 = 250 kg / Mod. Ø 400 = 300 kg
  • Wind resistant and safe stability umbrella for wind up to 70 Km/h if the recommended base weight of 250 Kg for Ø 320 Cm umbrella and 300 Kg for Ø 400 Cm umbrella are respected.


Mistral Ø 320 e Mistral Ø 400


  • Structure and base in stainless steel, brushed finish
  • Ballast with grit tiles Cm 50 x 50
  • Polyethylene antifreeze case


Olefin 250 gr/mq fabric available in the following colors:


Base zincata e verniciata Cm 117 x 84 x 38  con relativi carter di copertura per alloggiamento della zavorra necessaria.

Galvanized and painted base Cm 117 x 84 x 38 with cover casing for accommodation of the ballast needed.
12 tiles 50 x 50 for Mod. Ø 320 cm and 14 tiles for the Mod. Ø 400 Cm.
(Ballast not supplied as standard).

The structure of the base is made with galvanized and painted tubular 50 x 50 x 2 mm

Materials and finishes

The supporting structure can be realized in the following materials:




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