The Storm side post umbrella, with its patented wind resistant system is a highly professional product that is ideal for covering large surfaces safely thanks to the easy to operate 360°rotation system.
The right choice of materials used, wisely crafted, finished and good looking junction, give the umbrella a unique and stylish design that adds value offering originality to the environment where it will be placed.
A new, elegant, linear, an authentic "Italian Style" and particularly the care to find a diverse range of fabric color, able to adapt to all environments with style and ease, being them either modern, contemporary, classic or traditional.

Technical details

  • Octagonal side post umbrella available in size Ø 440 Cm
  • Post in plywood 12 x 12 Cm, light or dark finish
  • Cantilever pole in iron, galvanized and painted
  • Aluminum ribs in 30 x 15 mm, anodized or painted, with internal reinforcement in stainless steel
  • Iron base and cover, galvanized and painted
  • Crank opening and closing system
  • 360° rotation with safety handles for quick fastening and releasing
  • 100% acrylic fiber fabric in Olefin 250 Gr/Mq
  • Shadow area of 14 Mq
  • Weight 130 Kg
  • Weight required and recommended for a secure stability: minimum Kg 350
  • Wind resistant and safe stability umbrella for wind up to 70 Km/h if the recommended base weight of minimum 350 Kg is respected



  • Upper arm in galvanized and painted steel with colors of your choice
  • Galvanized and painted steel base, with colors of your choice
  • Finishing of aluminum ribs with colors of your choice
  • Cover base pillows
  • Ballast with grit tiles 50 x 50 Cm
  • Polyethylene antifreeze case


Olefin 250 gr/mq fabric available in the following colors:


 Stainless steel groundwork 120 x 84 x 50 Cm with stainless steel  cover

Iron groundwork 120 x 84 x 50 Cm with iron cover galvanized and painted with colors of your choice (see next) for housing the ballast required (not included) 16 tiles Cm 50 x 50 for a total of 350 Kg

The groundwork structure is made from iron tube 60 x 60 x 2 mm

Materials and finishes

The supporting structure can be realized in the following materials:



The ribs can be realized in the following materials:



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