The company Teknowind srl work on design, construction and sale of patented windproof umbrellas, with a widespread distribution on national territory and abroad.
All production is made exclusively in Italy.
This is because the company policy considers essential to maintain intact its identity developed through the Made in Italy its added value in terms of quality, safety, service and image.
We assist in the design and construction of our umbrellas modern technologies to classical craftsmanship of Made in Italy, using high quality and innovative materials;
using for frames aluminum, stainless steel and wood, while the covers acrylic fabrics born to supporting the outdoors living in a variety of colors and finishes to suit all needs of both the private customer or the contract.
The TEKNOWIND umbrella is not only a tool to shield from the sun, but it is an integral part of the outside furniture, with a modern and linear design is adaptable to any environment; also thanks to the patented windproof system we have reached a level of safety and durability of the product over time can not be compared to other umbrellas on the market