Teknowind ​ wind resistant parasols

The wind does not scare us

Continuous investment in design and innovation

Teknowind S.r.l. ​designs, builds and markets patented wind resistant parasols, with capillary distribution nationwide and abroad. All our products are made exclusively in Italy.

The reason for this is that it is essential to our company policy that we maintain our identity intact by developing our added value in terms of quality, safety, service and image through the ​Made in Italy label​.


Technology and craftsmanship

In the design and the construction phase, we combine modern technology and the classic craftsmanship that ​Made in Italy ​stands for, using innovative prime quality materials to meet the every need of both our private and business clients’, such as aluminum, stainless steel and wood for the structure, and hyper technical acrylic fibers for the canopies in a wide range of colors and finishings, born to support life outdoors.

Design and Safety

The​ TEKNOWIND ​parasol​ ​is not just an instrument that provides shade from the sun, but an integral part of outdoor decoration, with a modern, linear design that adapts to every environment.
Moreover, thanks to the patented wind resistance system, we have achieved a level of safety and duration of the product over time which exceeds that of all the other parasols currently in the market.



Teknowind parasols resist against strong winds thanks to a patented system that allows the parasol to spin on itself and assume an aerodynamic position, letting the wind “slide” without contrasting it and avoiding the sail effect​.