Wind resistant parasols

Put them to the test in extreme situations​!

Technology, versatility, design

The reliability of the Teknowind technology combines versatility with the style of the design, giving life to a range of wind resistant parasols that meet the needs of homes, farm stays, bars, hotels, restaurants, swimming pools, yachts.


The parasol to shade large areas

The octagonal side post parasol ​Ø 440 cm
The Storm ​side post parasol, with its patented wind resistance system, is ideal to cover large areas with complete safety, partly thanks to its 360° rotation system, which is easy to activate.


The elegant and effective cantilever parasol

The hexagonal side post parasol ​Ø 320 cm /Ø 400 cm
The Mistral ​side post parasol is a professional parasol that may be used to furnish every kind of location: terraces​, swimming pools, gardens, bars, restaurants and other businesses in the hospitality industry.


Elegant, sturdy and low-maintenance

Hexagonal center post paras​ol Ø 320 cm /Ø 400 cm
Boreas ​is the evolution of the center post parasol. Elegant, light, easy to handle and low-maintenance, it is safe in every wind condition.
Prime quality materials guarantee its integrity over time.


Light and practical for every setting

Hexagonal center post parasol Ø 220 cm /Ø 275 cm
Elegant, light, easy to handle and, most of all, safe because it resists winds of up to​ 80 Km/h.​ Ideal for ​terraces, swimming pools, beaches ​and particularly windy areas.


The elegant, high functioning wall-mounted parasol

Hexagonal wall-mounted cantilever parasol​ ​,
Ø 220 Cm/Ø 275 Cm
The ​Zephyro​, wall-mounted parasol, with a patented wind resistance system, is a highly professional product; ideal to shade outdoor spaces of bars, restaurants and businesses in the hospitality industry, creating spacious shaded areas thanks to its anchoring system.

Teknowind parasols resist against strong winds thanks to a patented system that allows the parasol to spin on itself and assume an aerodynamic position, letting the wind “slide” without contrasting it and avoiding the sail effect​.